9 PR 9 Backlinks

Price: $28.98
9 PR 9 Backlinks

Authority websites – that is what your website needs to dominate Google! We will create for you valuable Top Quality Profile Backlinks from 9 web 2.0 authority sites with PR9 root domains.

  • 9 PR 9 Backlinks from authority sites
  • Permanent One-way Links
  • Anchor Text + Ping
  • All domains unique
  • Completed in 7 business days
  • Detailed Submission Report
If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.
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7 комментариев на «“9 PR 9 Backlinks”»

  1. Hello, Do these links come from the actual PR9 root domain or individual page PR?

  2. seomall:

    They come from PR9 root domain.

  3. Ross:

    hi, where do i enter the promo code for the discount? ready to order now

  4. Enoch joy:

    Does this mean that the page on which the link is actually put doesn’t have a PR 9?

  5. seomall:

    Yes, it does. We place the links in the profiles on the sites with pr 9.

  6. seomall:

    Click VIEW YOUR CART and you will see the field for the code on the page.

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